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Time Slice Photography – Free Script/Software for Photoshop

What is Time Slice Photography? Check out some cool examples below Some more examples on google here and here. Thus, Time Slice Photography is basically taking pictures of the same place, at different times of
By : Anil Tejwani | May 27, 2015

Photoshop Script: Sketchy

Hey guys, So today it will be a quick utility to create sketch from images. Lets start by viewing some examples. Amazing isnt it? Yes, we know it is 🙂 . So
By : Anil Tejwani | Apr 15, 2015

Photoshop Script: Convert to TextyImage

Hey guys, We are back with one more free script to add to our collection of Photoshop Scripts. This time, it’s a script to convert an image to an ‘text’ like image. Well we
By : Anil Tejwani | Apr 14, 2015

Insert Current Filename (Photoshop Script)

Hey guys, we have just created a small utility/tool/photoshop-script which will come in handy to you guys. Its called Insert Current Filename. Its a Photoshop Script that basically inserts current file-name into a new
By : Anil Tejwani | Apr 6, 2015

Photoshop Script: Batch Photoframes Creation

Have you ever created multiple photo-frame in Photoshop? or water-marked multiple images om Photoshop? Ever wondered if there was a script which would take all files form an IN folder and batch
By : Anil Tejwani | Mar 17, 2015

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