Photoshop Automation by Script/Panels/Extensions

What is Photoshop Automation?

Photoshop Automation by Script/Panels/Extensions

Photoshop Automation by Script/Panels/Extensions

Photoshop Automation is process to automate the Photoshop task on click of a Button.

It could be as simple as saving multiple files in different format. Or as complicated as open the file, check its image sizes, based on the size send it to an external third party application to process and then continue doing some other things like run action over it and save it in output folder. It could also be run various Actions over the images based on condition like size of image or resolution of image etc.

To summarize, any repetitive task in Photoshop (which doesn’t need Human Eye to decide) has potential to be automated. You should also consider Photoshop Automation if the task is monotonous in nature.

Things like (but not limited to)

  • Batch processing (process all images in a folder)
  • Automate decision making(example based on image size or resolution)
  • Cropping Images based on conditions
  • Working with paths, channels
  • Running Actions based on criteria
  • Show / Hide layers, layer-sets etc based on conditions
  • Add/Remove Mask, Add layer effects
  • Saving images in various format like JPG/PNG/PSD/TIF/etc
  • Basically anything that doesn’t require Human Eye to decide, has potential to be automated.

How to do Photoshop Automation?

Photoshop  Automation is achieved by Photoshop Actions, Custom-Photoshop-Script, HTML/CEP Panels, Photoshop Extensions, Bridge Scripting, Python Script or combinations of them(depends on the task to be automated).

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Whats Difference between Photoshop Script, Photoshop HTML Panel and Photoshop Extensions

Photoshop Script

Script is triggered from Photoshop->File->Scripts->XXXX and it may/maynot have a UI/Dialog box to interact with the User/Operator. Checkout some examples of photoshop scripting.

Photoshop scripts are written in Adobe’s version of a language very similar to Javascript.

Photoshop Panel

Panel on the other hand is triggered from Photoshop->Windows->Extensions->XXXXX . Panel always have a UI to interact with the user.

In case of HTML panel, you guessed it right, the UI is made with HTML 🙂

Photoshop Panel and Photoshop Script both can achieve same results. In-fact it wouldn’t be wrong to say HTML panel are better looking and better UX upgrade of Photoshop Scripts.

Photoshop Extension

Extensions are also typically triggered from Photoshop->Window->Extensions->XXXX but they differ from HTML panel by the underlying technology used to construct.

Extension are normally written in C# or similar Native technology. Extensions directly interact with Photoshop.

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How can we help?

To start with, we need to know how you do the process manually. It would greatly help if you could either show us the manual process (by Video Recording or TemaViewer session).

Based on the information provided, we analyse it and then propose the possibilities, bottle-necks and work-around(if any).

Then we provide the quote, you approve/fund it, we get started.

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